Autour de L'Anne: "Los Anngeles"

Autour de L'Anne: "Los Anngeles"

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"Before a career in viticulture, Anne worked in for a large industrial company in Paris. After a serious car accident, Anne realize that this life was not for her and left her past life to join her husband Gregory Leclerc (Domaine Chahut et Prodiges) in the Loire. She then realized that she needed to make wine in a different style than her husband. Her dear friend, Christophe Beau, a biodynamic producer in Coteaux du Languedoc (Domaine Beau Thorey), offered her a partnership on his 6ha estate, where she rented 2.5 hectares of his land.

In 2011 Autour de l’Anne was created. Anne works with southern grape varieties with a style that tends  to be more similar to wines from the Loire Valley than the Languedoc. She avoids heaviness and high alcohol, preferring lighter, terroir-expressive wines.

Her homage to the perpetually sunny City of Angels, with the label designed by our friend Jude, winemaker at Wavy Wines. Refreshing, lemony and textured, it’s like a glass of blended sunshine and salt spray.


Autour de L'Anne (Anne Paillet)


Rolle aka Vermentino/touch of Colombard


Coteaux du Languedoc, Languedoc