Celler Ca Foracaime: 'Tres Forques'

Celler Ca Foracaime: 'Tres Forques'

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"Sergi Serrano is a sports bar proprietor (Bar Nao) turned winemaker. Sergi was convinced to experiment in winemaking by Pinell wine ringleader Laureano Serres. We have learned that with some extra time on his hands due to pandemic restrictions and a shuttered bar, he has found time to make his hobby into something he approaches with a bit more TLC. This year there are wines from a few small vineyard sites scattered all around the village. The whites are composed from Grenache Blanc, a small plot of vines handed down from his grandparents. There is a wine of Marselan, a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, that has been plucked from a storied vineyard site called Escollades." - Psychic Wines

"100% Grenache Blanc. The vineyards of about 20 years, located in Villalba dels Arcs at an altitude of about 450 meters, are very representative of the essence of our land and it is this essence that we try to capture with this wine. Directly pressed and vinified in stainless steel. Annual production is 1500 bottles." - Foracaime


Ca Foracaime (Sergi Serrano)


Grenache Blanc


Pinell de Brai, Catalunya