Casot des Mailloles: 'El Niño'

Casot des Mailloles: 'El Niño'

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"To me, 2020 represents a clear step forward in Jordi's own winemaking, brought on in part by a major change in the climate. In the pandemic winter of 2019/2020 there was finally rain, and a good deal of it. Nocturnal songbirds returned to the Cote Vermeille and the ebony-hued schiste was covered by verdant forests of holly oak, cork and Mediterranean pine. Despite some late season issues with mildiou that reduced yields, sorting was unnecessary and the juice was tasty from the press. On the whole, Jordi's 2020s are reminiscent of years long past, with bright, delicate fruit and trenchant acidity."-Josh Eubank (the importer)

Among Alain's original cuvées. Powerful and saline Syrah offset by the lovely floral aromatics of Grenache Gris. Aged in foudre. This is a red that really shines with seafood.


Casot des Mailloles (Jordi Perez)


Syrah / Grenache Gris


Banyuls-sur-Mer, Roussillon