Cellar Frisach: 'L' Abrunet Rosat'

Cellar Frisach: 'L' Abrunet Rosat'

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"Our ancestors performed the assembly of their grapes in the vineyards, specifically Cariñena and some Garnacha, which is known today as a vineyard blend. With this wine, we wanted to recover this kind of elaboration, but for the best maturation, we worked with two vineyards that are located within varied topographies of our region. When working with two varieties located in two different places, we get the best ripening fruit and can work with optimal maturity."  -Franscesc (the winemaker)

A fresh and clean Catalunyan rose but with a little bit extra. A blend of 3 types of Grenache: Gris, Blanc, & Noir, each of which add their own distinct characteristic to the wine. Gris gives depth and intensity, Blanc offers an acidic backbone, and noir gives us fruit and spice. 


Cellar Frisach (Francesc Ferré & Joan Ferré)


40% Garnacha Gris/30% Garnacha Blanca/30% Garnacha Negra


Terra Alta, Catalunya