Domaine Carterole: 'Gus'

Domaine Carterole: 'Gus'

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In the words of Joachim:

"The work is carried out with respect for nature, the seasons, the vine and the fruit.
Nothing was invented. Our ancestors vinified their wine in this way, for their personal consumption. This earned my grandfather's nickname: “Carterole” (a small barrel of a quarter liter in Catalan). Among the last fishermen of Collioure, “Carta” set out to sea with the small barrel slung over his shoulder. The label was drawn by his wife's friend representing the village of Collioure." Camo & Co (the importer)"

'Gus' is 50% Grenache Gris, destemmed by hand, macerated in vats for 15 days. 50% Grenache Noir in direct press, fermented separately then combined before bottling in the Fall. This wine drinks somewhere between an orange wine and a rose, but with an extremely pleasant, light body. It screams to be opened on a sunny afternoon, and it feels like you're hydrating instead of drinking wine. 


Domaine Carterole


Syrah/Grenache Noir


Collioure/Banyuls-sur-Mer, Roussillon