Pierre Rousse: 'Galejade'

Pierre Rousse: 'Galejade'

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Pierre Rousse farms his 5 hectares (which he recently reduced to 1.5 in order to make way for new white varietals) in the west of the Languedoc region near the town of Limoux, on the Aude River. The soil is a mixture of limestone and clay, with a climate reflective of both Mediterranean (arid & warm) and oceanic (windy, cooling) influences. A self-described “radical,” Pierre makes wine employing only the simplest of processes: all indigenous yeasts, no sulfur, no additives, no heat or refrigeration, no fining or filtration – no exceptions. Stainless steel as well as resin vats (which he uses for the advantage of their microporous element) allow the grapes and terroir to speak for themselves. In his own words, “100% grapes – c’est tout!”. 

a 80/20 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A deep, energetic and expressive wine with fruit, acid, and toasty/nuttiness.

“A late Spring 2017 freeze resulted in very low yields of all varieties and the decision to combine the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Smokey on the nose. Oxidative mouth, dry finish, lower VA than customary for Pierre’s wines.” - Funk de Funk (the importer)


Pierre Rousse


80% Chardonnay / 20% Pinot Noir


Cepie, Languedoc




No Vintage