Domaine Derain: 'Saint-Aubin Blanc'

Domaine Derain: 'Saint-Aubin Blanc'

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Now labeled at Domaine Derain, the wines are made by Julien Altaber of Sextant. Altaber was previously the assistant to Dominique Derain, the namesake of the estate and now former proprietor -- though active presence. Derain now travels through France making wines when and where he pleases (you can see his Banyuls Grenache cuvee 'D'rain D'rain' in our red section). He began his life as a cooper (someone who makes barrels), then settled in Saint-Aubin with 6 hectares of vines in 1989 working organically and biodynamically.

Altaber maintains the integrity and vision of the wines, and keeps his more experimental and negociant wines labeled as Sextant. He was born in Auvergne and has been involved in winemaking since the age of 16 where he quickly found his way to apprenticeship at Domaine Derain. Without a natural heir to his domaine, upon retirement Dominique was bought out by Julien. The rest is history.  

"Probably my favorite Chardonnay from Julien in 2019. Among Jules' first trials with a longer style of élevage (2 winters in barrel), the Saint Aubin recalls Jura Chardonnay as much as Burgundy. A complex, living wine that we rarely get to try in Burgundy." - Josh Eubank (the importer)


Domaine Derain (Julien Altaber)




Saint-Aubin, Burgundy