Domaine des Grottes: 'L' Antidote'

Domaine des Grottes: 'L' Antidote'

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‘Des Grottes initially came to Beaujolais after finishing business school. He already had a child he wished to raise in the countryside, and had no special attachment to Paris, when his grandfather proposed he help manage the office for the Château de Lacarelle.’ Of the 8 hectares he farms, he ripped up 50% to put in cereal and cover crops to aid in the soil health and sustainability. - Not Drinking Poison

"Juice and Herbal tea /. Pasterized and carbonated : No ALCOHOL.

We Produice the Juice and most of the herbs (except ginger, that doesn't grow here)

There are 15 herbs together and we extract aromas carrefully, with diferents methods adapted for each flower (for example Thym is distilled to get the more sutils aromas)

We blend the juice and the tea and send it to our partner, who add a few appel juice, then carbonated the juice and pasterized it for conservation. 
There are no Additive. 

L'antidote is a soft drink for everybody !
You might drink it with your Children, AA friends and pregnant womens. 

We are really happy to offer you this not boring - soft drink option since 2016" - the winemaker


Domaine des Grottes (Romain des Grottes)


Tea/Herbs/Gamay Juice (NON-ALCOHOLIC!)


Saint-Etienne-des-Ouillières, Beaujolais