Domaine in Black: 'Pet Nat Dead'

Domaine in Black: 'Pet Nat Dead'

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"The Domaine In Black by Lambert Spielmann, is an artisanal winery located in Saint Pierre in Alsace. Lambert Spielmann started his business in 2019. Most of his vineyards are located in the town of Epfig and have been certified organic since 1997. The methods are inspired by biodynamics, no or very little treatment, only copper and sulfur, but also wicker teas and achy works according to lunar and planetary rhythms. The harvest is manual in small boxes to keep the bunches, the pressing is very soft. No oenological intervention in the cellar, no filtration or clarification. Furthermore, Lambert does not pump up or punch down during maceration. Due to the very soft pressing, no decanting is necessary. All wines are racked by gravity. Very few interventions for simple wines of great pleasure!" -Primal Wine

Orange-ish, rose-ish tropical fruit fun.


Domaine in Black (Lambert Spielmann)


Pinot Gris/Muscat/Pinot Noir


Saint Pierre, Alsace