Domaine in Black: 'Chien Noir, Chat Blanc'

Domaine in Black: 'Chien Noir, Chat Blanc'

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"Florien [...] is something of an agricultural scholar whose prolific output is not limited to wine alone. You can see him on youtube explaining his vines and their cultivation here. Of course you may know the wines already from Chambers Street Wines, where Eben has been directly importing the wines for years.

“To guarantee the soil’s health, we maintain a diverse green cover. We let the wild plants grow in our vineyards, without mowing neither ploughing them. Then we push it down on the soil using a rolofaca. With this method, we create a natural mulching which will preserve some humidity and a cool temperature in our soils during the summer season. This mulch will then decompose an enrich our soils with humus. This humus is capital for the texture and fertility of the soil, helped by the fauna.”

The Beck’s have always had a preference for vineyards on the slopes. The work is difficult, but these vineyards give them small, dense grapes, rich in personality and minerality. 25% of their vineyards are classified as Alsace Grand Cru Frankstein, the rest belong to great terroirs of Blettig, Bungertal, Rittersberg, Lanzenberg, Kalkstal and Breitstein." -Steven Graf (the importer)


Lambert Spielmann


Auxerrois, Pinot Noir