Domaine Rougeot: 'Saint Romain La Combe Bazin'

Domaine Rougeot: 'Saint Romain La Combe Bazin'

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"In the center of Meursault village, Pierre-Henri Rougeot has been quietly producing impeccable minimal intervention, low-sulfur wines since he returned to the family domaine in 2010. Pierre-Henri’s experience traveling throughout France gives him a unique vision that hews strongly to Burgundian tradition with a soft touch inspired by the vins natures made by his friends in Saumur, Cahors, and beyond. Today, the Rougeot vineyards are farmed organically, and Pierre-Henri’s minimal sulfur vinification effortlessly balances a natural wine approach with traditional Burgundian technique to create wines with energy and balance." -Paris Wine Company (the importer)

This wine is from 90 year old vines in limestone on west facing slopes about 400 meter in altitude. The domaine bottles everything single-vineyard, meaning it is a pure expression of place. This is CLASSIQUE burgundy, but with biodynamic practices and making unsulfured wines (you can tell their unsulfured wines because they have labels that look like this one. If the label looks different, that means there is added sulfur at bottling). 


Domain Rougeot




Mersault, Burgundy