Domaine Yves Amberg: 'Vin Orange Gewurztraminer'

Domaine Yves Amberg: 'Vin Orange Gewurztraminer'

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"The successor of a legacy in winemaking, Yves, the son of Alsatian winemaker Roger Amberg, assumed the reins of the family estate in 1989. Over the ensuing years, Yves made plain his commitment to the craft by nearly doubling the estate's surface area from 7 to 13 hectares and converting vineyards to biodynamic and organic practices in 1997. Far from considering this transition a challenge, Yves remarked, “Working organically is much more interesting. Physically, it's hard, it causes a lot of extra work hours, but on the other hand, it restores the passion for the work, and in the end, I am a winner.”

Yves Amberg has become an integral figure in the Alsace winemaking community, extending his influence as a mentor to some of the region's most celebrated winemakers, including Lambert Spielmann. Spielmann, effusive in his praise, asserts that his wines owe their existence to Yves and his invaluable mentorship. Yves' affable and gentle nature mirrors the essence of his wines—simultaneously expressive and harmonious." - Bisou Bisou Wines (the importer)

This orange wine is made from 100% Gewurztraminer ("Gewurtz" for shorthand), a grape native to the Alsace region of France. Directly pressed into a white wine, Gewurtz is often boring and aggressively aromatic without any body to support those powerful aromas. As an orange wine, you get a much more complex expression of the grape. In this case, the grapes spent 20 days on their skins in stainless steel. The resulting wine has a elegantly perfumed nose, with jasmine tea notes and tannins on the palate. Something you won't taste is volatile acidity, or VA for short -- none of those vinegar or nail polish notes that (unfortunately) orange wine is often associated with.


Domaine Yves Amberg




Epfig, Alsace