Dorsal: 'Hadal'

Dorsal: 'Hadal'

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'Hadal': The hadal zone, also known as the hadopelagic zone, is the deepest region of the ocean, lying within oceanic trenches. The hadal zone ranges from around 6 to 11 km below sea level, and exists in long, narrow, topographic V-shaped depressions.

Devin Meyers, the person behind Dorsal wines, is a character. He's a true romantic: no decision is ever made because it was simply convenient. He navigates through the world with artistry and intention. His wines are emblematic of his character: thoughtful, poetic and lovingly ephemeral.

After years of jobs in rural Alaska, the poet/fisherman/naturalist became enamored with wine. Devin previously worked as Caleb Leisure’s assistant, before which he worked in Australia, for winemaker Sam Vinciullo. In 2020 he worked with Nic Coturri (son of famed Sonoma Mountain winemaker, Tony Coturr), when they moved to the San Juan Islands in Washington. This was a troubled harvest which ended abruptly when the vineyards all burned in the Oregon fires four days before harvest. In 2021 Devin began farming a vineyard in Grass Valley, in the Sierra Foothills, where almost all of his 2021 fruit came from.

This is the perfect Thanksgiving wine for the table.

"It is a true field blend of the whole Smith vineyard in Grass Valley, Sierra Foothills, and a portrait of all 6 picks over the course of the 2021 Harvest. Cab rosè pressed over Muscat skins, Syrah Rosè, and then Syrah, Cab, Merlot & Primitivo with a three week rolling maceration co-fermenting. All 3 cuvées fermented separate and then were aged separate in stainless, blended into one wine in late spring. This is the deepest Dorsal yet, so lovely lively with refreshing vents of acidity and squinty salinity. Wine for exploring the Marianas Trench with. The Hadal Zone is the deepest zone in the ocean, where no sunlight hits, occurring mostly in the Pacific. Here the mysteries of life bat about, rain of marine debris inherent, verdant as an aching key." - Devin Myers


Dorsal (Devin Myers)




Sonoma, California