Emme: 'they/them/theirs'

Emme: 'they/them/theirs'

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"The only wine in my fall release from Ricetti Vineyard, they/them/theirs is an unusual co-fermentation of Zinfandel and Carignan. Picked just before the Willits Fire broke out 15 miles north of the vineyard, the Zinfandel came into the winery clean of smoke taint. Two days later, the Carignan was harvested under the smoke from the Willits Fire. Due to the risk of smoke taint, the Carignan was pressed directly, with no smoke taint. I then mixed a portion of the pressed Carignan juice over the fermenting Zinfandel, and left the blend to ferment on skins for another 5 days. The result is a wine that tastes primarily of Zinfandel (due to the Zinfandel skin contact), but with an added acidity from the direct to press Carignan juice.


Fresh blackberry and potting soil, crunchy acid, blue and black fruits on the verge of ripeness." Rosalind Reynolds (the winemaker)


Emme (Rosalind Reynolds)


Zinfandel, Carignan


Sonoma, California