Es D'Aqui: 'Paloma'

Es D'Aqui: 'Paloma'

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"Jean-Louis’s cellar is in Moulin-Neuf, near the area he grew up, around Gaillac/Limoux of the Southwest of France. Furthering this ‘play between forces’ that his wines exhibit, the literal geographic range of his bottlings similarly straddle two halves: Sud-Ouest (Gaillac/Limoux) and the Languedoc. And so, the expert micro-négociant of Es D’Aqui is a winemaker who, quite literally & figuratively, must finally negotiate between what’s faithful and what’s free, what’s of this place and what’s of this other place, what is precise and what is universal. These are special wines near and dear to our hearts, emblematic of some of the best conceptual work of natural wine though maybe more importantly beyond all this headiness is the deliciousness of his bottlings. They’re just damn good." -Thirst Merchants

"Grapes grown in Adissan, the Grenache on limestone and the Colombard on basaltic sands. Together with Clairette it is macerated in whole clusters for 15 days. Half is the aged in 500 litre barrels and half in epoxy tanks. Light bodied, super juicy and fruity, high acidity." - Caverna do Vinho


Es D'Aqui (Jean-Louis Pinto)


Grenache/Carignan/Cabernet Franc/Mourvèdre/Muscat


Moulin-Neuf, Languedoc