Everwild: 'Love Potion'

Everwild: 'Love Potion'

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Talia and Austin began making wine a few years ago as a hobby and a reprieve from their day jobs in the film industry. They thought that perhaps it would be a fun hobby, and later realized it was a profession that required an immense amount of work. Thankfully they had a natural talent for it and have found themselves making skillful and fun wines out of the co-working Richmond winemaking facility heralded by Noel Diaz, owner of Purity Wines. 

This wine symbolizes a new, slightly more serious direction for Talia and Austin. 'Love Potion' is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay from Madera. Madera, for those unfamiliar, is it's own county just north of Fresno. It's not well known for anything, but especially not wine. It's a hot area and the Cabernet Franc got extremely ripe, rocketing up the alcohol and eliminating the acidity. In order to counter balance those things, they added some of their bright and acidic Chardonnay. This is a lovely, spiced, medium bodied red wine that can take a small chill to enhance it's freshness and make that acid pop. You'll get subtle hints at the signature flavonoid of Cab Franc, known at Pyrazine, which tastes like green bell pepper.  


Everwild Wines (Talia St. Clair & Austin Hobart)




Lodi, California