Francois Saint-Lo: 'Hey Gro!'

Francois Saint-Lo: 'Hey Gro!'

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Originally from Normandy, Francois made his way to Paris to work in restaurants. Eventually tiring of that, he moved to the Loire, found himself a troglodyte cave in Berrie (southern Loire), and started making artisan wines of his own. Early on he got a reputation for making low alcohol, but intense wines perfect for the region. 
Francois has since moved to a new location in the Loire, but he still works in a communal cellar of bohemian misfits, traveling amongst the underground world that allows for these wines that by description can sound incongruent (light, but grounded, earthy but ethereal), but are reach harmony in your glass.
This vintage of 'Hey Gro' is just that. Grolleau (pronounced groll-low) is a grape not typically known for it's lightness. It is named after the crow (grolle) in French because of it's deep purply, black berries. Flavor-wise, it is often peppery and herbal, with few phenols (scents). Typical to the grape, this wine clocks in at just 8.5 degrees alcohol, but still with concentrated earthiness, acidity, and pepper.


Francois Saint-Lo




Berrie, Loire Valley