Heaven's Market Wine Club

Heaven's Market Wine Club

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Welcome to Heaven's Market Wine Club!

For our introductory month, everyone will get a set of 'Thank Heaven's' wine glasses as an extra incentive, as well as the Wine Club keychain that you can flash in-store to get your membership discount. 


1. Select the number of bottles you'd like. We recommend 4, that way you have 1 bottle per week of the month. The four pack will offer more exclusive wines that are available in lower quantities. It will be a place for further exploration mixed in with daily drinkers. 

2. Select your membership type. We offer 3 month and 6 month memberships which are perfect for giving as gifts. Otherwise, we'd recommend the on-going plan. If you select the on-going membership, please note that if you wish to cancel, you must do so 1 week prior to the first of the month. Otherwise, please contact us directly at hello@heavensmarketla.com

3. At checkout choose any date. Our checkout process will make you select a date. Please select any date and disregard. If you've selected "pick-up", you will pick up on the SECOND SATURDAY of every month or thereafter. If you've selected delivery, your wines will be delivered the WEDNESDAY following the pick-up date. Please note that the 2-pack does not meet our delivery minimum. 

4. Things to note. Your card will be charged at the time of sign-up and then the first 1st of the month following sign up will be "discounted" 100% (sorry there is no work around for this at the moment!). If you would like to cancel your membership, please do so at least one week before the 1st of the month to allow us time to properly account for numbers. If you need to cancel after that, please reach out via hello@heavensmarketla.com

Every membership allows you a 10% discount in store on wine & flower purchases when you flash you Wine Club keychain.

Two Bottle / $65

Four Bottle / $135