Jean Jacques Morel: 'Saint Aubin Rouge'

Jean Jacques Morel: 'Saint Aubin Rouge'

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"JJ escaped the rat race of Paris and took over his father-in-law's vineyards to establish his micro-domaine in 2003. His philosophies of minimal intervention in both the vineyard and winery are centered on complete respect for nature. From hand-weeded, handpicked vineyards full of natural grasses, wildflowers, fennel, thyme and local fauna, to old oak, no additives and natural yeasts in the winery ‚– JJ will actively tell you he does not contribute anything to the wines. Yet it is his soulful approach that produces such intensely concentrated, vibrant, complex and pure burgundies, wholly transparent in their origins and terroir." - Annandale Cellars

This is the last of his final vintage. Morel, though not well-known, is a heavy hitter for hardcore Burgundian 0/0 wines. He practices next level agriculture that includes never tilling the land. Pure Burgundian goodness.


Jean Jacques Morel


Pinot Noir


Saint-Aubin, Burgundy