Jerome Saurigny: 'Piu Rouge'

Jerome Saurigny: 'Piu Rouge'

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"When he isn't busy closing down toll plazas with the gilets jaunes or standing in the way of bulldozers in the marshlands of Nantes, Jérôme works out of an old industrial building in Rochefort-sur-Loire. The furnishings are spartan: a manual click-clack press, a few large fiberglass cuves, a few old barrels and and about two dozen basketed demijohns of various sizes that Jérôme picked up from a Romanian caravan a while back. Largely uninsulated, the building was not conceived for winemaking in a conventional sense. Jérôme has adapted his work accordingly. On the one hand, "seasonal" dry wines are ideally finished by Spring, before heat becomes an issue.

Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon and Grolleau Gris infused in a direct press red (Grolleau, Cabernet, Gamay). Presenting as a light red, its impossible aromatics will be familiar to fans of Jérôme's legendary Txindoki from back in 2018." -Percy Selections (the importer)


Jerome Saurigny


Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon and Grolleau Gris, Grolleau, Cabernet, Gamay


Loire Valley