Julien Peyras: 'Gourmandise'

Julien Peyras: 'Gourmandise'

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Self-proclaimed paysan, Peyras comes from a long line of vignerons. Inspired by his father, he decided to go “all the way” in his return to roots and nature when he began to make wine in 2007. Julien honors his deeply-felt connection with the earth by allowing the vineyards to function in harmony with their delicate surrounding ecosystems. Using tisanes and rich fertilizers in the field, careful attention is paid to the climate, moon cycles, and vegetative growth. He refuses all chemical intervention in the winemaking process, allowing each varietal and unique terroir to express themselves as nature intended." - Funk de Funk (the importer)

The varied weather and cool nights before harvest of 2021 had a significant impact on the maturity of the grapes, lending to the resulting lighter-bodied, more mineral-driven wines. Julien’s Cinsault however stays true to form, with its characteristic raspberry notes and playful acidity, taking on the slightest level of refinement and delicacy.


Julien Peyras


100% Cinsault


Paulhan, Languedoc