La Cave Apicole: 'Carbo Culte'

La Cave Apicole: 'Carbo Culte'

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"La Cave Apicole is based in the old cooperative cellar of Montner, a little village in the valley of Agly in the terroir of Fenouilledes. As a beekeeper, Sylvain Respaut settled down in the valley of Agly in 2007 with 200 beehives. After meeting with some new-wave winemakers from the area (Latour de France) he made the decision to become one himself. He spent a couple of years learning from winemaker friends by using their knowledge and farming equipment, until he met Olivier Cros. The two friends became both winemakers and beekeepers, and created La Cave Apicole. They're still looking after 60 beehives. The species of local bee called "European dark bee" is in danger of extinction, with their numbers dropping all around Europe." - Chris Camo (the importer)

Assemblage of Lledoner pelut, syrah and 40-year-old Grenache Noir. The grape varieties are harvested individually, separately carbonically maceration (15 to 20 days) and assembled after. Aged in old barrels for 6 months.


La Cave Apicole


Lledoner Pelut/Syrah/Grenache Noir


Montner, Roussillon