La Cave Apicole: 'Zumo'

La Cave Apicole: 'Zumo'

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I have had the pleasure of visiting La Cave Apicole (which means 'The Beekeeping Cellar'), which is located in a run-down, mostly abandoned, former industrial winery. Carved into what used to be industrial sized billion liter tanks (not literally), are tanks and storage rooms used by the now proprietors, Sylvain Respaut and Olivier Cros.

Sylvain is a beekeeper turned winemaker as of 2009, when he first started tending to his vines throughout the Roussillon. He continues to keep bees and makes a mead called "L'Abeille Cool". Early on Sylvain partnered with Olivier Cros to make wine, producing their first vintage in 2011. They still keep 60 hives of the endangered European Dark Bee. The bathroom (inside one of these cut out rooms, next to the kitchen) was partitioned by bee boxes known as brood boxes, which I unfortunately didn't get a photo of. 

'Zumo' is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Macabeo, finished with a touch of Grenache Gris, all directly pressed. It leans more classic with delicate aromatics and light salinity, and a lightly savory undertone. 


Sylvain Respaut & Oliver Cros


Macabeu (90%)/ Grenache Gris (10%)


Montner, Roussillon