Les Caves de L'Arche Macé: 'Sauvignon Blanc'

Les Caves de L'Arche Macé: 'Sauvignon Blanc'

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Words from Wine Terroirs: "This corner of Touraine is one of these very favorable places for young demanding vignerons wanting to start their domaine : pretty nice terroirs on an area that isn't rated high on the AOC charts (Touraine) which means that when available you can get vineyards without breaking the bank. François & Estelle whom I met in their chai/cellar under the hill (pic on right) have been starting their own winery here since January 2014 after they found a retiring grower putting his vineyard for sale. They didn't hesitate much, they were from the region and knew by experience that these slopes along the Cher river have many interesting terroirs that yield beautiful wines when worked properly (which isn't alas the option followed by most commercial wineries).
To start from the beginning, François and Estelle had already a few years of experience in the trade, they both met at the wine school of Amboise but before that each of them had gone through several years of work and training in different domaines : Estelle had worked 4 or 5 years in the Montlouis region, for growers/winemakers like François Chidaine, Bertrand Jousset and also Vincent Careme while François worked in Cheverny for Philippe Tessier, yet another artisan winemaker known for his serious work in the vineyard. Over there they were both doing all the usual work in the vineyard and the chai as well, being thus trained in organic farming and natural winemaking. They met during the training at the wine school and set up their domaine 6 months later, that's a beautiful story..."
I have to admit, I'm really excited to include this in Wine Club because I love this wine. It's an excellent example of what time can do to a wine. This wine was RADICAL to begin with. It needed these nearly 10! years. And it's still radical. You will get some residual sugar, but it's beautifully balanced by the rip-roaring acid. And let's not forget the fruit. It's a conversation starter, for sure.


La Cave de L'Arche Macé (François Saint-Leger & Estelle Maitre)


Sauvignon Blanc


Monthou-su-Cher, Touraine, Loire Valley