La Perdida: 'O Pando'

La Perdida: 'O Pando'

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"Nacho Gonzalez refers to the manifestations of his La Perdida project as “Island Wines”, despite the fact that his vineyards are located in one of the most land-locked parts of Galicia, N Spain. Amidst a homogenous landscape of industrial wineries that exploit the flat topography of the region, Nacho tenaciously stewards the legacy of his family through the vineyards his grandmother beckoned him to tend. Six vineyards and a total of four hectares...Each vineyard dates back to Franco-era agricultural mandates, and is planted in the old way: a mutualistic quiltwork of red and white grapes that flatter each other in the fermenter just as much as they nurture one another in the field...Chemicals are never used, in the vineyard nor in the winery. Every wine is raised in tinaja, clay vessels sourced from artisan-hero of the amphora world Juan Padilla." - Psychic Wines

"O Pando Orange is a selection from the top of the anfora for O Pando, reserved to rest on the skins in that anfora without stirring for 6 months." - Jose Pastor (the importer)


La Perdida (Nacho Gonzalez)


Godello Vello


Valdeorras, Galicia