L'Absurde Genie des Fleurs: 'Cutremur Inox' (Magnum)

L'Absurde Genie des Fleurs: 'Cutremur Inox' (Magnum)

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"The Gautiers are a young couple with a young winery vibrating with energy and ideas. Tom is French and Miha is Romanian. They create wines in Languedoc but also use the project to promote Romanian viticulture and encourage Romanian winemakers to practice natural viticulture and especially to instill pride in their wine. They started in 2016 but made their first vintage in 2018 and have been making impressive progress since. Their biggest challenge is to find quality vines. They have good neighbours, including Axel Prüfer among others, and they show a lot of talent and creativity in their winemaking. 

Using mostly Cinsault, Carignan and Clairette Tom and Miha draw out the aromatic side of the wine rather than the structure and power that the grapes of the region can give. The alcohol content of their wines is low, often under 11%. The production is still small; fewer than 1000 bottles for each different kind wine they produce. Keep watching these two, their wines are something to discover." - Rocket Wine Berlin

2-week of maceration of Carignan with 3-day maceration Cinsault/Aramon. Assemblage during the fermentation. One version is a red of lightness (elevage in fiberglass (not this cuvee)), the other one has a deeper character (elevage in stainless steel (this cuvee)).


L'Absurde Genie des Fleurs (Tom Gautier and Miha Trifa)