Le Coste: 'Bianchetto'

Le Coste: 'Bianchetto'

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"A particularly fresh and lively vintage that is the epitome of a fun wine. This vintage is prominently Procanico with a splash of other indigenous varieties grown on the nutrient dense volcanic soils around Lake Bolsena. Fermented for around two weeks on skins and aged in fibreglass vessels for up to 6 months for settling. Citrusy, orange blossom nuances fill the glass, salute.

The project Le Coste start in February 2004 with the ownership of 3 hectares of vines in this natural garden with olives, vines, and shrubs along the ancient volcanic Bolsena lake. The lake established a great macro and microclimate for natural farming avoiding disease pressure." -Giorgio de Maria fun wines

Lightly tropical, some straw-like minerality and salinity. Not too acid driven. This is a perfect wine for someone looking for a rich, winter white, or someone who is exploring orange wines for the first time. 


Le Coste


Procanico, Malvasia di Candia, Moscato


Gradoli, Lazio