Le Petit Domaine de Gimios: 'Rouge de Causse'

Le Petit Domaine de Gimios: 'Rouge de Causse'

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"Domaine de Gimios is run by mother/son duo Anne-Marie and Pierre Lavaysse in Saint Jean de Minervois. They employ organic and biodynamic farming practices and are minimal interventionists when it comes to cellar work. Indigenous yeasts are always used and no sulphur is ever added.

The "Rouge de Causse" is a blend of sixteen indigenous white and red varietals, all coplanted and cofermented. The wine is fermented using indigenous yeasts and is bottled unfined and unfiltered. No added sulphur.

Though the white varietals do provide acidity and levity, this is no doubt a savory, herbaceous, earthy red. Medium bodied with a hint of tannin, this is a lovely autumn red to enjoy in the breeze or by the fire." - Thirst Merchants


Le Petite Domaine de Gimios (Anne-Marie and Pierre Lavaysse)


Field Blend


Saint Jean de Minervois, Languedoc