Lé Thio Noots: 'Gamhenade'

Lé Thio Noots: 'Gamhenade'

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"Unlike many of his contemporaries in the Loire natural wine world, Romain is a local guy who was raised in the dirt. As an adolescent, he helped his parents tend livestock, pruned neighbors' vines, and spent most of his free time in the swampy marais of Western Anjou

Asked to summarize his first decade of experience, Romain told me that he got his philosophical base from Patrick Desplats. From Patrick, he says, he learned that "everything makes wine", which is to say that the winemakers job is to capture the essence of life, whether it manifests as sun-kissed Chenin, musty Grolleau, or botrytized Sauvignon Blanc. From Jean-François, Romain learned "how to work", meaning how to elaborate wine from grapes. Romain currently has 2.5 hectares of vines planted to Grolleau Noir and Gris, Gamay Chaudenay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Franc. He does not buy grapes, preferring to vinify the fruits of his own labor.

Gamhenade is a light red composed of Gamay and Gamay Chudenay that recalls the innocent gluggers of the early Loire natural wine movement. Among Romain's wines that are not laid down to long maceration. Whole cluster fermentation, aged in foudre for 9 months." Josh Eubanks (the importer)


Lé Thio Noots (Romain Verger)


Gamay, Gamay Chudenay


Anjou, Loire Valley