Les Cigales dans la Fourmiliere: 'La Petite Pépée'

Les Cigales dans la Fourmiliere: 'La Petite Pépée'

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"Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière is the domaine of Ivo Ferreira and Julie Brosselin. Julie Brosselin’s Languedoc domaine is quite new, although she has plenty of experience. Ivo only has about 5 hectares under vine and the soils are clay and limestone. Some of the wines were produced by either Julie or Ivo separately, but more often now they are a joint venture.

The La Petite Pépée is an interesting wine due to the winemaking technique used. The grape used is Grenache Noir, a red grape, but the wine is a white wine! He took a selection of red Grenache grapes and crushed them to produce a style of wine known in France as a Blanc de Noir. There is also something that we love about the texture of wines made in this way. The different polyphenols in red grapes seem to provide drinkers with a different textural experience – one that we really like!" - Living Wines


Julie Brosselin and Ivo Ferreira


Grenache Noir (Blanc de Noir)


Montpeyroux, Languedoc