Les Sabots d'Hélène: 'Alcoolitre'

Les Sabots d'Hélène: 'Alcoolitre'

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"Alban Michel created the winery Les Sabots d'Hélène in 2005. It is a small 5 hectare vineyard located in the Corbières seaside in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The vineyards are grown entirely organically and are completely isolated with no neighbors around them. [...] Alban produces truly natural wines that are completely free of sulfites at any stage. His philosophy is to work in the simplest and most natural way possible. He aims to make wines that are honest, affordable, easy to drink, and relevant to the character of his hometown. Alban describes himself not as a winemaker, but as "pificulteur", the word he coined. A person who makes "pif" (French slang: simple and humble, everyday wine). He doesn't want his wine to look too serious, but he's a talented winemaker with long experience." -Camo & Co. (the importer)


Les Sabots D'Helene (Alban Michel)


Muscat D'alexandrie, Grenache blanc


Corbières, Langeudoc