Les Sabots d'Helene: 'La Mauvaise Reputation'

Les Sabots d'Helene: 'La Mauvaise Reputation'

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"Alban Michel created the winery Les Sabots d'Hélène in 2005. It is a small 5 hectare vineyard located in the Corbières seaside in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The vineyards are grown entirely organically and are completely isolated with no neighbors around them.

Alban is committed to a policy of low yield, manual harvesting, picking when slightly under mature, very gentle extractions in vinification which best respects the balance of the grape and the quality of the fruit.

Alban cultivates very old vines. The Syrah is 30 years old and the Carignan and Grenache 50 to 100 years. They are located in two places: Les Hourtoux and Terres Nègres, in Feuilla.

It is in a wild and deserted landscape of the Corbières, among invasive vegetation and collapsed stone walls that Alban Michel, native of Vosges, found his way and his promised land in Feuilla. His 5 ha of vines (rented) are spread over 8 plots, including one hectare from 1906 which produces up to 5hl" - Chris Camo (the importer)

40% Grenache blanc and 60% Grenache rouge. One week maceration together. Lots of juice, plenty of acid, very slight tannic grip.


Les Sabots D'Helene (Alban Michel)




Corbières, Langeudoc