Lucy Margaux: 'Le Oranj'

Lucy Margaux: 'Le Oranj'

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Commonly thought to be made by a woman named Lucy, the Lucy M* label is actually a project by Anton Van Klopper, a South African man now well known for his influence on natural winemaking in the Adelaide Hills/Basket Range region of South Australia. In 2002, after 10 years in the restaurant industry, Anton moved with his wife, Sally, and Daughter, Lucy, to the Basket Range to take over a 20-acre cherry orchard and start their own winery. Initially he was focused on Pinot Noir, but has since expanded his offerings both by varietal and by style. He is known for making fresh and exciting wines, with minimal intervention. He's considered a perfectionist to the point of maddness, and dominates a room. His labels are drawn and designed by him only after the wine is finished, and often feature people he loves. 

"For van Klopper, this way of doing things is intentional. “I think to know what you’re doing beforehand is a big mistake,” he tells me, though the chaos can take a toll. “I fucking hate it,” he says. “But I think that if you want to make interesting things then you cannot control it.” - Sprudge Wine

*the project used to be called Lucy Margaux but the famous French chateau pressured him out of using that name.

This is a sparkling orange wine of Sauvignon Blanc. It is citrusy, with a hint of nuttiness and tons of fresh acidity. Replace your mimosa with a glass of this and you'll be pleased. 


Lucy Margaux (Anton Van Klopper)


Sauvignon Blanc


Basket Range, South Australia