Matassa: 'Brutal Rouge'

Matassa: 'Brutal Rouge'

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"Brutal Rouge is a blend of mostly Syrah, co-fermented with Muscat Petit Grains. The vineyard is on Marl, a calcium-carbonate rich soil consisting of clay and silt. Fermentation is with whole clusters for about 4 days and the wines is pressed and racked into fiberglass for aging. I was reading an old interview between Jules Dressner and Tom Lubbe, in which Tom talks a bit about the "Brutal" wines. My understanding was that the Brutal concept was started by Loreano Serres and Joan Ramon Escoda in Spain, with a nod to Bar Brutal, the historic epicenter for natural wines in Barcelona, and with a prerequisite that the wines were always made without anything added. In the early days, an aspiring Brutal wine would be sent to Loreano and Joan Ramon for "approval," really I just figured they were having a good time, poking fun at the archaic appellation system, getting drunk (something they are adept at), and then giving their stamp of approval. Now, apparently, some people are making Brutal wines that these two wacky guys have never even tasted! Tom's Brutal harkens back to the early days. Loreano and Joan Ramon are friends, and wholeheartedly approve this Brutal!" -Chambers Street Wines


Matassa (Tom Lubbe)


Syrah, Muscat Petit Grains


Coteaux du Fenouillèdes, Roussillon