Mendall: 'Abeurador 1'

Mendall: 'Abeurador 1'

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"Laureano Serres is the hometown hero of a small mountain village called El Pinell de Brai. Trained as an electronics engineer, he was appointed to act as director of the regional nuclear plant before a mid-career crisis that sent him running for the hills. Since 2001, he has been making natural wines from vines inherited from his grandfather and father-in-law. His approach to winemaking is intensely creative and somewhat anarchistic, with the number of yearly cuvees ranging from as few as 6 to as many as 16. His rules are simple but uncompromising: no wine is made with additives and no wine is made with apathy. He designs and prints his own labels on a 1990s Dell computer, using clip art." - Josh Eubanks (the importer)

"This wonderful expression of Macabeo comes from a forty five year old parcel planted over four hundred metres above sea level in Vilalba dels Arcs. The grapes macerated for a week and this special wine was made with just the free run juice from Abeurador, aged for a short period in vats being bottling just a few months later, young and full of life. A hazy shade of gold in the glass, it is incredibly lively on the palate, with pithy citrus and chalky minerals making for a wonderful aperitif." -Tutto Wines


Mendall (Laureano Serres)




El Pinell de Brai, Catalunya