Mendall: 'Terme de Laureano Roig 3'

Mendall: 'Terme de Laureano Roig 3'

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"Laureano Serres is the hometown hero of a small mountain village called El Pinell de Brai. Trained as an electronics engineer, he was appointed to act as director of the regional nuclear plant before a mid-career crisis that sent him running for the hills. Since 2001, he has been making natural wines from vines inherited from his grandfather and father-in-law. His approach to winemaking is intensely creative and somewhat anarchistic, with the number of yearly cuvees ranging from as few as 6 to as many as 16. His rules are simple but uncompromising: no wine is made with additives and no wine is made with apathy. He designs and prints his own labels on a 1990s Dell computer, using clip art." - Josh Eubanks (the importer)

Cariñena from forty year old vines planted almost five hundred metres above sea level on the highest plane of the Terra Alta. The grapes were fermented on the skins for twelve days, before being pressed to vats and terracotta amphorae for nine months of rest. The result is a heady, savoury wine that pairs black cherry, red earth and woody herbs to dizzying effect.


Mendall (Laureano Serres)




El Pinell de Brai, Catalunya