Microbodega del Alumbro: 'God Helio'

Microbodega del Alumbro: 'God Helio'

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We are Maribel and Juanjo and our son Abel. We are dedicated to making natural wine in La Tierra del Vino de Zamora, one of the oldest wine-growing regions of the Iberian Peninsula, southwest of the Duero River, one hour from the Portuguese border. [...] We have only 4 hectares of goblet and organic certified vineyards. Half planted by us in 1999 and 2005 and the other half rescued from its disappearance as they are very old vines (1909) and not very productive.

Our first vintage was in 2009. We started by certifying the wines in bio and with Denomination of Origin, but the need for freedom has forced us to give it up and we are happier. Since 2014 we have been making all our SAINS wines, we are comfortable there. Our land is generous and allows us this way of working. We discarded the barrels because they gave us too much volatileness and strange aromas and we were not willing to change every two years, it seems wasteful. Now we use clay jars and stainless steel tanks and we are delighted. We do everything but in small games, some of only 300 bot. Fresh-pressed whites and "embabujados" (ORANGES) in monovarietal and multivarietal, Clarets and Reds. Wines are made by intuition and we are constantly learning." -Maribel and Juanjo (the winemakers)


Microbodega del Alumbro (Maribel Rodriguez and Juanjo Moreno)


100% Godello


Villamor de los Escuderos, Zamora