Naranjuez: 'Baco Perez'

Naranjuez: 'Baco Perez'

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"In 2021, Antonio had a rough year. Aside from the pandemic confinement itself, his mother, who was also his best friend, passed away. Laureano and I went to visit him shortly thereafter and for the first time we saw Antonio in a mood of despair. Several days of collaborative work followed, during which we drank a lot of beer and helped Antonio clean up the cellar after that year's harvest. When it was time to go, we tasted what was intended to be 2020 'Prisa Mata', Antonio's signature phrase, which translates as something like, "rushing kills." The wine was stuck in fermentation but tasted great. Laureano and I begged Antonio to bottle it as is, to finish its last grams of sugar in bottle. After a a little negotiation, he agreed, but with a condition. The name would be changed to 'Risa Mata' or 'dying of laughter.' -Josh Eubank (Percy Selections, the importer)


Naranjuez (Laureano Serres + Antonio Vilchez Valezeula)


Sauvignon blanc, Vijiriega, Dorodilla, Perruna


Andalusia, Catalunya