Nicolas Arnou: 'Chard' à Canon'

Nicolas Arnou: 'Chard' à Canon'

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After training as an electronics engineer and starting his career at Airbus, Nicolas chose to rediscover his roots and carry out a project that has animated him for a long time: living among the vines, listening to them and extracting a wine from them, who respects and expresses all their qualities.

It was in 2016 that he took the plunge: abandoning aeronautics, he began a demanding training course, completed by a year spent in the Jura with Manu Houillon and Pierre Overnoy, where he learned the methods of natural wine. Therefore, wines without sulphites become obvious.

In 2018, he bought an old cellar of the XIX th and vineyards of Clos attached, in the Layon valley. It is a region he knows well, close to his family - his parents were farmers in the region - and his friends.

Chard a Canon is 70% Chard/30% Chenin with a slow fermentation in epoxy vessels, aged 6 months in bottle before disgorgement. On the elegant and slightly creamy side with nice citrus fruit. Tart apple shines through from the Chardonnay, and there is a light honeyed finish from the Chenin. Pretty dry, finessed bubbles, kind of toasty nose. 


Nicolas Arnou


Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc


Layon, Loire Valley