Nicolas Carmarans: 'Mauvais Temps'

Nicolas Carmarans: 'Mauvais Temps'

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"While running the Parisian natural wine bar, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, Nicolas got the itch to begin making wine. He chose his ancestral village in the Aveyron as his great-grandfather was a winemaker there. Starting with a handful of vines in 2002, it wasn’t until 2007 when he purchased a vineyard named “Le Mauvais Temps” (and the house that came with it) that he decided to pursue this way of life full time. This is a special parcel that used to be part of a much larger area of vines planted to a southern exposure in soils composed of schist and decomposed granite at around 500m in elevation." - Chambers Street Wine

This is a deep and soulful red of mostly Fer Servadou (an irony, mineral driven red grape) along with Negret de Banhars & Manseng. Plenty a perfect winter red, driven by dark spicy fruit, light florals, and little tannin. 


Nicolas Carmarans


Fer Servadou/Negret de Banhars/Manseng


Aveyron, Languedoc-Roussillon