Olivier Boulin: 'Aligoth'

Olivier Boulin: 'Aligoth'

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"...These purchases of grapes from illustrious winegrowers allow me to enjoy substantial moments in their company, apt to stimulate my own sensitivity. Basically, they are a constant questioning of my oenological work. Beyond the commercial dimension, it is about anchoring my activity in an approach that is not simply economic, but guided by uncompromising aesthetic principles.[...]
By working in a deliberately ancestral way, I propose not only to better highlight the potentially considerable effect of soils, subsoils and microclimates on the taste of wines but also to contribute, however modestly, to recomposing a now tattered human temporality. 
My grapes come from so-called organic or biodynamic agriculture; but, beyond the certifications that are often too lax, the approach of my viticulturists is lively, a particularly revitalizing concern for the soil and the plant." -Unicorn Wine, Olivier Boulin (the winemaker)

'Aligoth' is 100% Aligote coming from the final vintage of 120 year old vines that have since been ripped out due to their age and lack of production. Olivier's practices are fundamentally nomadic, both because he works purely as a negociant (someone who purchases grapes rather than grows them themself), and also because he at times makes wines in multiple places. These grapes were picked and also pressed at the estate he got them from, rather than his own "winery", which in actuality is his parent's garage. Already 5 years old, this wines shows lots of richness. A round, and giving wintry white. 


Le Nez de Goth (Olivier Boulin)