Radovan Šuman: 'Sun Drops'

Radovan Šuman: 'Sun Drops'

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Radovan Šuman is in a class of his own. As much a philosopher of nature as a winemaker, he is not particularly interested in talking about how his wines taste or what they can do. He views his work in broader, ontological terms, concerning himself with what it means to be a steward of the living. For Rado, a natural wine is a living organism with its own memory that is closely tied to the people and places from which it was conceived. To engage with this living history is to affirm our own humanity, its beauty and its fragility.
...His are some of the most unique wines I've ever tried. They bring together the Austro-Germanic tradition of long elevage in wood - in this case, chestnut foudres and mulberry barrels from Rado's own trees - with the distinctive, resinous aromatics of the Adriatic. His wines' broad textural tones, typical of Styria's clay-rich soils, are offset by a gentle volatile acidity that is redolent of his cross-border friend, the late Stanko Radikon. His white wines tend to take on tea-like qualities that, to me, make them interesting even without food. - Josh Eubanks (the importer)

12-variety white field blend, macerated for one month to produce a profoundly complex amber wine. 


Radovan Suman