Sequerciani: 'Oh Rosa!'

Sequerciani: 'Oh Rosa!'

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"Our intention is to surprise with a wine that has a genuine pure taste full of grapes, sun and the terroir it originates. Nothing else. Our indigenous local grapes – quite recently rediscovered – such as Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda – are ideal for this kind of soil and climate. Other types of grapes we grow at Sequerciani are Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Aleatico (Passito) and Vermentino. We use old artisan techniques including spontaneous fermentation, in a contemporary setting with lab analyses. We do not intervene and don’t use any additives, no yeasts, no sulfites, on the other hand we don’t exclude anything that is a natural part of wine (no filtering). Our wines are aged in clay jars (amphora) that allow a perfect micro oxidation and exalt the flavours of the grapes. Our wine is young and treated carefully with biodynamic methods – it is young as our curious spirit to create flavours that let you participate in this very emotional sensory process. We let our wine to be free and to be true to its own and therefore we let it speak for itself – a message in the bottle. Certified organic and biodynamic by BioAgriCert and Demeter."- Sequerciani

This 100% Ciliegiolo only spent a couple of hours on the skins and looks like a light bodied red, but is in fact a rosé! Tons of red fruit. Total glou glou.


Sequerciani (Ruedi Gerber)


100% Ciliegiolo


Maremma, Tuscany