Sextant (Julien Altaber): 'En Chapon'

Sextant (Julien Altaber): 'En Chapon'

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"Julien Altaber was born a farmer. He grew up in Auvergne and spent all his free time around cows and tractors. When he was 16 participated in his first wine harvest and fell in love. He interned in Mâconnais and Beaujolais wineries until finally settling in with Catherine and Dominique Derain where he learned about organic and biodynamic winemaking. In 2007, Julien purchased grapes with the support and equipment of the Derain's and began Domaine Sextant. Today, he has a winery and cellar in St. Aubin, as well as half a hectare of his own vines. In addition, he continues making wine for Domaine Derain with his consistent, natural, and forward-thinking style." - Steven Graf Imports

Luxe Chardonnay from Talmot's limestone-rich soils 20 year old vines in Montbellet en Saône and Loire. This wine will make the geeks happy and also your mom. Just don’t let her put ice cubes in this one, at least not before tasting it first.


Sextant (Julien Altaber)




Saint Aubin, Burgundy