Slow Dance: 'Napa'

Slow Dance: 'Napa'

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"For the past two years I've been dancing a newer style of dance for myself, farming Cabernet Sauvignon in Southern Napa. While I've mostly felt like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing twisting and falling before the eyes of Patrick Swayze (Steve Matthiasson?) I've come to feel that changing what we think of Napa and its terroir can only be better for a region steeped in conventionality. Weaving in cover crop, sheep, and my own moves, I'm excited to finally release the wine from this site. With no additions of any sort, I wanted to play with the idea of a fancier label, splitting the middle ground between what may look very Napa, yet in principle be very far from it. Well equipped for both white table cloth and campfire mason jar. Big shout out and thank you to my number 1 Jesus Perez for tackling this project with me and seeing me through the hard days" - Graham Shelton (the winemaker)


Slow Dance (Graham Shelton)


Cabernet Sauvignon


Petaluma Gap, California