Stagiaire: 'Dreams on Layaway'

Stagiaire: 'Dreams on Layaway'

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"There was a bad outbreak of mealybugs at the vineyard... I thought we had it under control when we were getting the nets on and Mendocino fruit was starting to come in, but by the time the grapes in Santa Cruz were ripening the fruit was essentially rotting on the vines. There was no way to sort it. It was so hot and miserable picking that day. Probably the worst day of my winemaking/grapegrowing career. I cried. Thanks to everyone that helped out.

We brought the grapes into the winery and dumped all the juice sitting at the bottom of the bins, dumped the free run juice, and only just barely pressed the grapes. We then cold settled for two days and dumped healthy lees over the juice to try to precipitate out bad bacterias. The wines was then racked to a new tank to ferment, but we then realized there was more disgusting sediment at the bottom so we racked cleanly to a new tank before fermenting... at the end of the day we got 60% of the wine we should have... but its clean... and really good. It tastes like blanc de noir champagne without bubbles. Honestly the proudest I am of my winemaking ‘techniques’" -Brent Mayeaux (winemaker)


Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)


Pinot Noir


Santa Cruz, California


United States