Stagiaire: 'Dreams on Layaway'

Stagiaire: 'Dreams on Layaway'

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"There were three separate picks of my Summit Pinot vineyard. This one was right in the middle in terms of ripeness. We picked in a mixture of fog and smoke though we were lucky the air quality wasn't that bad. The grapes were pressed directly avoiding any maceration, the juice was rested to settle out as much ash as possible, and then fermented and aged in neutral French Oak puncheons. Its pink wine. But like really fucking good, and handled exactly the way I would if I were trying to make fancy Chardonnay. Theres a reduction that gets people excited. Crystalline in texture and energy. It’s still relaxing and unfurling after bottling and I think will continue to do so for several months. Loves a decant. Fun" - Brent (the winemaker)


Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)


Pinot Noir/Chardonnay


Santa Cruz, California


United States