Stagiaire: 'Plastic Stars Paper Moons'

Stagiaire: 'Plastic Stars Paper Moons'

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"Cooper Garrod is on the north side of the Santa Cruz Mountains below Mount Eden and over the town of Saratoga. The Viognier was planted about 20 years ago. Its historically been dry farmed and always organic, but was given a bit of water this year for the first time since planting. They operate horse stables as well, and their vines receive homemade compost.

The wine: This year there was a mix of stainless and barrel fermentation. Much more flavor and ripeness in the skins due to the drought than I saw last year and it came in slightly riper but still has great(if not better) acid. This is fancy white wine. Opulent. Jazmine and white tea. Orange marmalade and saffron creamsicle. Rocking and rolling right now, but I suspect could be beautiful years down the road. Honestly one of the best white wines I’ve made" -Brent Mayeaux (winemaker)


Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)




Santa Cruz, California


United States