Stagiaire: 'Sprinkles on Top'

Stagiaire: 'Sprinkles on Top'

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"Made the same way as the 2020 version, but pushing the macerations since there was no fear of smoke. All of the Chardonnay from my Summit Santa Cruz Mountains vineyard and some Pinot Noir were whole cluster with Pinot Noir juice on top. Left to infuse for 4 weeks. This site really struggled with the drought and you can sense the vines’ stress in the the touch of volatility and concentration and tension. In puncheons for 11 months. Its honestly like really tart watermelon jolly ranchers. What the kids these days are calling ‘juice’. Stylistically in that Octavin/Valseuse realm(but better). Crunchy candy shell with a chewy interior. A rose-ish things with more presence and density than you expect from the color." -Brent Mayeaux (the winemaker)


Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)


Pinot Noir/Chardonnay


Santa Cruz, California


United States