Stagiaire: 'Sprinkles on Top'

Stagiaire: 'Sprinkles on Top'

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“Sprinkles on Top is the first wine from my Pinot vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Planted by Gerhard 20 years ago as a retirement project. I’ve taken over as he isn’t able to keep up with things any more. He still likes to get out and prune and take care of a few rows close to his house though. There is no tractor. Everything is done by hand. All of the one and a half rows of Chardonnay and some Pinot go whole cluster into a plastic fermenter and were topped with direct pressed pinot. It was left to infuse for 8 days. This was the longest maceration of 2020.” - Brent



Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)


Pinot Noir/Chardonnay


Santa Cruz, California


United States