Stagiaire: 'Sunrise in Afterglow'

Stagiaire: 'Sunrise in Afterglow'

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"The Poors have been farming this property for a few generations now. They have a very specific style of farming that works for their specific growing conditions. Nothing is irrigated ever. They have their own nursery and plant and graft everything themselves. It is a hot mountainous area east and over Hopland. Everything is head trained and very low yield. Typically under 2 tons to the acre. Always organic.

This is a super distinctive wine. Through its aging I was always excited about it even though I didn’t really know where it was going. It looks like a super dark rosato or lightly extracted dark grape with a tinge of brick color from the long elevage. Really rich and aromatic. Cherry chapstick, thin mints, flat coke. I havent had something like this before but its fucking delicious." -Brent Mayeaux (winemaker)


Stagiaire (Brent Mayeaux)




Santa Cruz, California


United States