Stephane Cyran: 'Sacrebleu'

Stephane Cyran: 'Sacrebleu'

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"Stéphane’s domaine is located in the North East of France, in Lorraine. He’s based in the village of Mont-le-Vignoble, in the Côtes de Toul -- a tiny wine area spread over only 8 villages and 100 hectares. The Lorraine vignoble was slowly reborn following the 1980s after having disappeared in the phylloxera crisis. In this region located between Champagne and Alsace, the vines are planted on the Cuesta (long, north-south escarpments), and the Moselle river (which runs to Germany) flows at their feet." - Chris Camo (the importer)

Direct press of pinot noir on clay. Stéphane uses an old press "à cliquet", which requires 6-15 hours to extra the juice. Store upright for at least three days so that the lees sink to the bottom. Cool it in the fridge for 24 hours in standing position. Before opening, put it in the freezer (still standing) for 1 hour. Maybe open it outside, this is some explosive juice!


Stéphane Cyran


Pinot Noir


Mont-Le-Vignoble, Lorraine